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Because of the convenient carrying of plastic packaging products, convenient transportation and the advantages of reducing the amount of use in the same proportion, and the use is wide. Since 2000, Jiecheng has been engaged in the packaging industry. In 2015, it established the right direction. It only presents plastic packaging products as our main industry, and self-developed professional mechanical equipment on the square bottom bag. At the same time, we have some composite products. Coffee, candy, dried fruit, and daily necessities cosmetics. Our professional attitude and rigorous and mature process technology control are strictly controlled in meeting the 100% product quality requirements. In the future, we tend to keep pace with the times, providing customers with better and more professional services in degrading materials and reducing the amount of products used.


We are committed to all perfect experience and constantly strive.

1: Inquiry 

After receiving the inquiry, do a detailed understanding and provide a quotation message within 2-3 hours.

2:Confirm the price

Determine the unit price, we have a competitive price advantage on the product

3: Design

We have a professional designer 24 to refine your design for a more perfect design and give you the most professional analysis

4:Proofing(As customer)

Make samples consistent with mass products

5:Mass production

During this period, we have repeatedly tested the quality of the confirmed quality and guaranteed delivery on time.

6:Quality Control

Whether it is incoming or printing inks and the use of composite glue, we have a complete inspection system.


We cooperate with the world's best freight forwarders, and MSC cosco and other shipping companies have become our first choice.

8:Customer Reviews

When the customer says that the product is intact, we will be happy from the heart.



The video of cello bag
The video of cello bag
The video of kraft stand up pouch
The video of kraft stand up pouch
The video of OPP Cross Bottom Bag
The video of OPP Cross Bottom Bag
The video of OPP Gusseted Bag
The video of OPP Gusseted Bag
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