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Dear Friends,

Pray everyone will be safe in COVID-19.

Under the influence of this "The public health emergency of international concern. - COVID-19", I believe that people all over the world are suffering from the most severe test. Even so, our lives are still going on. Homework, but at present,  has a relatively stable in the present China, under the condition of all manufacturing has to return to work, begin to normal operation, in order to meet the needs of customers, FAST SINCERE has on March 16, 2020 to achieve the full return to work (all HuBeiJi) 3 people have already arranged after 14 days of isolation, officially lifted on 16th, began to normal working and living.

In the worst outbreak of time, due to we delay the delivery date, is to accelerate production arrangement, time and delivery on basic can meet the demand of now, we are now facing the biggest problem may be transportation problems, at the same time, we believe that for our customers in 2020 is a challenging year, our annual demand is gradually reduced.

So FAST SINCERE is willing to be with you, believe that everything will be all right, we wish all our customers can strictly do their own protection, to ensure the safety of life, until the end of the epidemic, we carnival together!  




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