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Choose the right method for your own oil-proof paper bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-11
The method of choosing the oil-proof paper bag that suits you: the oil-proof paper bag usually refers to the material that is the raw material of the paper and the oil-proof effect exceeds. Many use kraft paper materials and other materials. Can tell you how to choose the oil-proof paper bag you need? Experts say that those enterprises will want to prevent oil paper bags from being thick in the process of use, because this will certainly help the meal to prevent corrosion and can be used. This kind of thinking is not unreasonable, the oil-proof paper bag is not thick and good, and the party needed is the best and most effective. First, the thickness of the product should be determined by the thickness of the film before the oil-proof paper bag is compounded. The thickness is qualified within the appropriate limit. Secondly, barrier property and thickness complement each other, and mass symmetry also has certain influence on barrier property. Second, the barrier-proof oil-proof paper bag, thick and good, can be thick and thick, the quality is not sure, these average conditions can really get the anti-corrosion effect. Third, the same food bag, the thickness is high, the heating temperature is high. Experts say that daily oil-proof paper bags will have a certain thickness. The importance of this state is to prevent corrosion, but it is not thick. First, the thicker the oil-proof paper bag, the higher the net price, on the other hand, the enterprise is uncomfortable to use and inconvenient to use, and another may incur certain costs. Fourth, the quality of the oil-proof paper bag to create a publicity effect can be particularly correct, so for the enterprise, it is not a thick oil-proof paper bag, if it can be used, the relative publicity effect has a good effect, size symmetry. Without too much requirements thickness. At present, most of the oil-proof paper bags use kraft paper as raw material, and a small part uses white paper. The ink is made of edible water-based ink, which is green, healthy and safe.
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