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Common problems with custom oil-proof paper bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-24
Under normal circumstances, when customizing oil-proof paper bags, we will design edition fees for customers. For customers who need to design their own layout, we need to pay special attention to checking the layout for printing oil-proof paper bags when placing orders. The customer confirms that the manuscript is to be printed. All objects in the document should not be locked, which will cause the object to be lost or shifted during the imposition. Do not use the background color of the page or the page base map as the bottom of the manuscript. 2. Pay special attention to any pictures, color blocks or lines that exceed the production size, please always put them in the box. Do not cover with white color blocks to avoid the trouble of imposition. 3. Please try not to set the full color block, you can not use C100, M100, Y100, K100 or C75, M68, Y67, K90 four-color black color fill, the ink will not dry, there will be a back print when cutting, please check with the straw tool. For gravure printing plates, the printed part is lower than the blank part, all the blank parts are on one plane, and the depression degree of the printed part varies with the depth of the image. The color of the image is deep, and the corresponding part on the printing plate is deeply concave. During printing, the whole printing plate of the printing plate cylinder is coated with ink, then the ink on the raised blank part is scraped off by an ink scraping device, and then the paper is placed under pressure to transfer the ink on the printing part to the paper, thereby obtaining printed matter. Gravure can be divided into two categories from the production method, one is gravure and the other is Gravure, among which gravure has Manual or mechanical gravure and electronic gravure. The gravure is also called a photocopy. It is made by continuously adjusting the sample film and the gravure screen through the process of printing, carbon paper transfer and corrosion. Nowadays, electronic engraving is generally used to make gravure printing plates. The printed graphic part of the intaglio plate is lower than the blank part. When printing, the printing plate cylinder is immersed in the ink slot to rotate, so that the concave graphic part is filled with ink; Or spray the ink to the surface of the printing plate, and scrape the ink in the blank part of the printing plate with a special scraping knife, then under the action of pressure, the ink of the graphic part is transferred to the substrate to complete the printing.
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