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Effect analysis of different tea packaging bag materials

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-04-02
Tea has a good packaging, which can effectively improve its quality. Its own price is several times higher than the original price. Tea production enterprises pay due attention to the packaging link, select a solid packaging, improve the packaging process, so that the packaging has a maintenance effect on the tea itself, and it is harmless to the human body. The tea bags often use aluminum foil bags to avoid moisture, or chemical reactions with microorganisms. The film packaging bag is often used in the inner packaging, which directly touches the tea. Due to the light quality, high cost performance, and not easy to break, the packaging can effectively prevent the tea from being damp, excellent features include maintaining the fragrance of tea, preventing odor contact, preventing gas interference, etc. , and printing and coloring the film packaging used to avoid damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Among them, the common tea packaging is the use of aluminum foil and aluminum foil bags. Because of its good practicability, it helps the tea to effectively preserve the fragrance and can be printed on its surface, do a variety of designs, so the use is quite extensive. The design of the aluminum foil itself is opaque, and it has a reflective effect. It has excellent performance in heat insulation, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, non-toxicity, fragrance preservation, etc, the production of aluminum foil bags can be customized according to the needs of enterprises. The materials of the products can be selected, and the thickness of the products can also be adjusted, at present, many manufacturers are customized according to their own needs, so that packaging can guarantee the improvement of food processing quality of enterprises. Carton packaging is often used with the outermost layer, which belongs to the high-grade packaging type. Because it has better shading and just waking up, it will have a good protective effect on the tea packed in small bags inside. In general, the packaging of tea leaves is to put them into paper boxes after plastic packaging, so that the protection performance can be improved more effectively. A good packaging bag can improve the grade of products and increase customer satisfaction. Is your packaging method right?
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