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Environmental protection of plastic bag manufacturers is the only way to upgrade industrialization

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-05
With the continuous development of science and technology, resources and energy are becoming increasingly tense, and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important. In the packaging industry, plastic flexible packaging materials have developed rapidly, but they have also experienced severe challenges. In addition to meeting the increasing technology of packaging quality and efficiency of different products, it is also required that it must take saving resources, saving energy, being easy to recycle after use or being easily explained by the environment as the starting point for technology development, for this reason, plastic flexible packaging is developing towards high performance, multifunction, environmental protection and broadening application fields. As plastic bag production enterprises are labor-intensive processing trade enterprises, North China, East China, South China and other places have become the main concentration of plastic bag production in China. According to Zhuochuang's research, the demand for Polyethylene HDPE film materials by plastic bag manufacturers in China is increasing year by year, and most of the products used are imported brands, such as 6888, 7000F, 00952, etc, the commonly used brands of domestic materials are MH602, 6098, 5301AA, 9455F, etc. Some data show that there are more than 60 thousand plastic bag production enterprises in our country, but there are only more than 1500 large-scale enterprises and only more than 500 plastic bag enterprises that have obtained QS certification. A considerable number of enterprises have not reached the standard. At present, the production bases of plastic bags in China are mainly divided into four major regions: Xiongxian county in Hebei and Yingkou in Liaoning, Dongguan, Foshan and Shenzhen in Guangdong, and Wenzhou in Zhejiang. North China: in recent years, the packaging and printing industry in Xiongxian county, Hebei province has developed rapidly in recent years and is known as the 'plastic packaging production base in northern China '. Xiongxian giant paper and plastic packaging Co. , Ltd. prints and manufactures various paper and plastic color printing packages, including stand-up bags, zipper bags, vacuum bags, plastic bags, food packaging bags, aluminized bags, aluminum foil bags, and other products. There are more than 3000 registered in the county, but the actual number is 7000 ~ 8000, quite a number of enterprises are family workshops. Its infrastructure is complete and its transportation is convenient. It is connected with roads in large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing, Tianjin and Baoan. The convenient transportation gives golden wings to the economic take-off of Xiongxian county. Changle County in Weifang, Shandong province is the largest plastic bag production, processing and export base in the north of the Yangtze River. The export destinations of products are all over more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia, among the more than 300 varieties of bags, tubes, films and plates in the county's plastic industry, the plastic bag series is a fist product. East China: Shanghai is China's economic and commercial center and China's largest city. Its rich demand has given birth to the growth of many local plastic products enterprises. Its convenient transportation and superior geographical location have enhanced its export advantages. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and other places. Although the number of plastic bag manufacturers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province is slightly smaller than that in other regions, with only over, most of them are relatively large in scale. Relying on rich resources, advanced technology and convenient transportation, it will have better development prospects in the future. Tongcheng, Anhui province, has obvious industrial advantages and is now one of the three major printing and packaging bases in the country. There are thousands of plastic bag production enterprises in the area, and the industry is developing rapidly. Tongcheng city has more than 20 years of plastic bag production history and has now developed into a famous plastic bag production base in the country. Its long history, mature technology and low price are the characteristics of this market. Plastic bag manufacturers in South China are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou and other Pearl River Delta cities, where quite a number of large, medium and small plastic products factories are stationed. Guangdong is the country's earliest area for large-scale production of plastic products. According to the data of Guangdong Standardization Research Institute, Guangdong currently has more than 100 large plastic products factories with more than workers, and the number is more than, making it more difficult to calculate small factories. It is understood that Shenzhen is a relatively developed region in the plastic industry in the country, with about 1500 plastic bag production enterprises, but more than 90% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, and there is still much room for future development.
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