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Express delivery industry should use green packaging as soon as possible

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-18
Recently, the 'green express delivery into colleges and universities' campaign jointly launched by the State Post Bureau and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League was launched at the same time in six colleges and universities across the country, the activity advocates saying 'no' to non-environmentally friendly and toxic and harmful express packaging materials '. Recently, the 'four new inventions' became popular on the Internet, with online shopping among them. The emergence of online shopping has completely changed the way people consume and shop, and has also brought about the rapid development of the express delivery industry. According to the 2016 Postal Industry Development Statistics Bulletin, express service enterprises completed 2016 of their business volume in 312. 0. 8 billion pieces, with express delivery revenue reaching 3974. 0. 4 billion yuan, and Hainan's GDP in 2016 (4044. 0. 5 billion)Quite. The express delivery industry can be described as 'Qian Jing', but behind the rapid growth, it is also accompanied by high pollution and high energy consumption. The main material of the adhesive tape used in the express packaging process is still polyvinyl chloride, which takes nearly a hundred years to degrade. In 2015, the total length of the adhesive tape used in the National Express industry alone reached 169. 8. 5 billion, can circle the Earth's equator 425 times. From the perspective of recycling, the packaging waste generated by express parcels has reached a million tons, but the recovery rate is less than 10%. However, it is far from enough to publicize the green concept to make up for the short board of packaging pollution in the express delivery industry. In fact, the environmental protection concept and awareness of ordinary people have been significantly improved, and they have the willingness to use green express, but the choice space in the practice process is extremely limited, almost all courier companies use non-degradable tape, and the unpacked courier package wants to be recycled but does not know how to deal with it. Express delivery companies generally use non-degradable tapes because of their low cost and there is no clear provision prohibiting the use of such materials. A bundle of ordinary tape with a total length of about 265 and a width of 6 cm, the wholesale price on the internet is about 10 yuan, but the price of kraft paper tape with the same specifications and length is close to 40 yuan. In the face of 3 times the price difference, enterprises with natural profit-seeking will obviously choose economic benefits and put green environmental protection aside. Therefore, in addition to strengthening the policy of advocating green development concept and the binding effect of industry regulations, for example, Germany has successively issued 'management measures for packaging waste' and 'packaging recycling law, to raise the initiative and industry regulations to legal regulations, we should also increase investment in research and development of green packaging and reduce the cost of express delivery enterprises in using various types of green packaging. Another important aspect of the short board is to solve the problem of low recovery rate of packaging waste. In fact, express packaging and recycling is also a huge market. At a time when shuangchuang is in full swing, it is also hoped that more willing people and enterprises can aim at this blue sea and create wealth, it also adds to the practice of the green development concept of the express delivery industry.
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