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Fast Sincere The first Activities —— Protect


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Fast Sincere The first Activities —— Protect

On November 9, 2019, Fast Sincere launched the First activities with the theme of protection.

The original intention of our guardianship activities is very simple, because we are engaged in the plastic packaging manufacturing industry. We are extremely sensitive to all the problems of the "plastic bag" product. The climate change we are currently facing Warmth, marine waste, greenhouse effect, plastics are not recyclable, harmful plastic waste and other serious issues, so as we engaged in the plastics industry, we are particularly sensitive when facing these problems.

In some cities in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou, the plastic waste in each special economic zone is expected to last up to 100 years because of the earth's consumption, and the result has been sharply reduced to only 47 years, or even shorter, according to data survey:

Shenzhen landfills consume 5,940 tons of garbage per day. However, Shenzhen has a daily output of 28,500 tons of garbage in 2019, and it takes 4.8 days to consume daily garbage;

The Shenzhen Municipal Government puts into production 2.2 billion high-performance technology equipment in landfills every year, in order to use high-tech to convert waste incineration and other treatment methods into our daily use of electrical energy;

Some depots that need time to degrade, which were originally expected to be filled for a hundred years, are now shortened to 47 years;

These data are appalling. As of 2018, many cities in China have begun to implement waste separation. From students to the elderly, from schools to society to businesses, we are strongly promoting knowledge about waste separation. No matter what the purpose, we It is hoped that every citizen in China will have a deeper awareness of garbage.

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How many years under the soil????

Who lost the fishing hook?

Because of this, Fast Sincere joined hands with the team and the society to launch the first "guardianship" event, in order to convert more complicated packaging products into simple packaging, or even to throw our plastic waste into the designated area. Rather than drifting across the sea to the polar regions through rivers, endangering the ecological environment.

Fast Sincere is a company specializing in the plastic packaging industry. From 2012, we selected this product with huge daily consumption. Our main purpose is to get some profit from this product. Fast Sincere began to choose bags from complex packaging products to the proposed OPP single-layer structure in 2018. From the streamlined materials and exquisite bag types, we have made a lot of efforts. For one purpose, we are trying our best. It is possible to reduce the amount of plastic used. Originally, a bag of 15g was replaced by a bag of 5g. Now we are also looking for better partners in PLA and degradable materials.

Fast Sincere's friends are so cute. Let's work together to "protect" our earth!

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