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Food packaging box manufacturers tell the importance of packaging

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-02
The implementation of green printing is an important guarantee for China's printing industry to achieve sustainable development and create a low-carbon economy. In recent years, green printing has increasingly become a new printing method widely used in developed countries. Environmental friendliness and health benefits have become a common consensus in the printing industry of all countries in the world. However, a reality that cannot be ignored is that although China has gradually eliminated the lead row and lead printing technology in recent years and is completely away from serious lead pollution, a large number of printing enterprises are still using the traditional printing technology, pollution problems caused by waste gas, waste liquid and waste water generated by organic solvents and other materials in the printing process cannot be underestimated. The implementation of green printing can greatly boost China's printing industry to achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon economy, improve and enhance the environmental protection level of China's printing industry, and fully embody the concept of sustainable development. The implementation of green printing is the only way for China to move from a printing power to a printing power. For a long time, the contradictions faced by China's printing industry, such as low intensification, serious low-level repeated construction, unbalanced regional development, insufficient independent technological innovation capability, and overall low quality of employees, have not been fundamentally solved. The implementation of green printing is to make full use of 'green' as a means to guide large and medium-sized environmental protection printing enterprises with certain conditions to reach the standard through technological upgrading and become one of the strong enterprises; For those backward printing enterprises with serious pollution, they will be eliminated by continuously expanding the varieties of green printing, thus finally realizing the purpose of restructuring the printing industry, to speed up China's progress from a printing power to a printing power. Food packing boxes are transport packaging made of cardboard and are indispensable packaging containers for household appliances, food, medicine, daily chemicals, textiles, alcohol, tobacco, light industry and other industries. Because the food packing box is light and firm, it can protect the goods, and it is easy to transport and load and unload. It is a green environmental protection product and can be recycled, so it has been widely used. At the same time, it is also a very good packaging material, which can replace wood with paper and plastic with paper. Therefore, it is favored today with more and more attention to environmental protection and has a good development prospect. With the development of the commodity market, the number of carton packaging is increasing year by year. At present, China's food packaging boxes, cardboard and other paper packaging products have ranked first in the world. Its rapidly growing carton sales are in sharp contrast to the shrinking sales in Asia and other parts of the world. The development of China's food packing box industry is closely related to the development of paper industry, paper products processing industry, carton machinery industry and related industries. The development of China's economy has promoted the scale of paper packaging enterprises, the grade of products and the level of packaging. In addition, the exchange of paper packaging industry and related industries at home and abroad is increasing day by day, and the number of foreign-funded enterprises is increasing rapidly. At the same time, foreign advanced technology and equipment have been introduced, absorbing the advanced management experience of foreign enterprises, therefore, the quality and quantity of products are improved, and the matching rate of export goods and domestic commodity packaging is obviously increased. Advantages of food packing boxes: 1. Light weight and good structural performance. The corrugated structure inside is similar to the arch structure, which can play the role of anti-shock and shock absorption, and has good mechanical properties. 2. It has many good protection functions for packaged items. For example, moisture proof, heat dissipation, easy handling, etc. 3. The transportation cost is low, and it is easy to realize the mechanization and automation of packaging and transportation. 4. Changes in specifications and sizes are easy to implement and can quickly adapt to the packaging of various items. 5. Sealing and bundling are convenient and easy to automate. 6, can adapt to various types of carton decoration printing, can solve the problem of commodity protection and promotion. 7, the waste box is easy to recycle and reuse, in line with environmental protection requirements. 8, can be combined with a variety of covering or moisture-proof materials, and greatly expand its scope of use
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