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Handbag ordering and network anti-corruption

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-15
The new government is in power and loves the people. It has carried out anti-corruption work in full swing and won public opinion; It is true that the network has made the information highly transparent. After the layers of the Internet, the cousin's Uncle Fang's face image is vividly outlined, and the shock can be imagined. Anti-Corruption and supervision, related enterprises or institutions use the Internet as a means, is this work become effective. Printing companies often receive such inquiries. Different people from the same company ask about the same product, and your family has 1000 pieces. 30*40*10,250 grams of white cardboard tote bag printing four colors, in view of the standard operation of the printing factory, there will be a clear and unique offer, which makes the black box price increase no chance, we can also deeply feel that the purchasing methods of enterprises are changing and getting closer to products. In the era of traditional marketing, due to the opaque information, it provides opportunities for people to increase their prices in disguised form; Take handbag printing as an example. In order to increase the price to the expected height, select materials that cannot be bought locally and processes that cannot be made locally, and then increase the price by a large margin because they are not comparable. Not only handbag printing, but also the development of the Internet has provided great convenience for the development of the entire printing industry. Printers are almost always inseparable from the network, printing design, printing plate making, all the uploaded documents are completed online, and the customer consultation quotation order is also fully realized through the network. The accurate quotation of printing products such as handbag printing makes people who have fantasies about the price of printed matter have no chance. The network is a productive force. He has saved a lot of costs in purchasing, bought low-priced and high-quality products, and also urged printing companies to strengthen management, improve efficiency and better serve customers.
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