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How should food vacuum bags be selected?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-15
We can see vacuum food bags everywhere in our life. Vacuum bags have their own color requirements in terms of material selection and use. Today, we will explain how to choose vacuum bags for food. 1. The vacuum bag is divided into single layer and multi-layer. The ordinary vacuum bag is made of PE single layer material. Such a bag can be vacuumized, but the damage rate and air leakage rate of vacuuming are relatively high, but the cost is low, many customers choose a single-layer PE bag as a vacuum bag in order to save costs. Good vacuum bags are made of multi-layer composite materials, such as: nylon/PE, this is a two-layer composite bag, such a bag is strong, vacuuming will not leak, at present, most food packaging bags use multi-layer composite bags as vacuumized bags. 2. Material thickness and selection of materials with special properties different foods should be made of vacuum bag materials with different thickness and properties. Thick materials should be selected for the weight of the products, the product is light and the thin material is used to save costs. Of course, the thicker the material, the higher the cost, but the stronger it will be. Different foods have different properties. For example, the oiliness of salt baked food should be oil-resistant materials, and the salt content of kimchi food should be acid and alkali resistant materials, products that require high temperature disinfection or high temperature cooking should be made of high temperature resistant materials. When making the packaging bag, be sure to inform the packaging bag manufacturer of the requirements, what products to use, what special requirements for the products, etc, only the specific details can be customized to the packaging bag that best meets the product to avoid problems during use. Shijiazhuang packaging custom
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