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How should the toxicity of food packaging bags be distinguished?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-25
The use of food packaging bags has indeed brought considerable convenience to people. It is made of ethylene and other materials. Once the process fails to meet the standards, it may bring a lot of harm, especially for food packaging, it must be safe and reliable enough. So how to effectively identify its quality? If the food packaging bag is burned, if it is used for video packaging, it must be cautious. The plastic bag is actually burned. The non-toxic plastic bag often has a color change, and there will be some cyan in the part, moreover, it has the smell of paraffin wax. If it is a toxic plastic bag, it often has a pungent smell. Smell the food bag without poison. The bag often has no smell. If the bag itself has a more irritating smell and smells abnormal, it is often toxic and must not be used. Touch the surface of the bag if the white surface is smooth, then it is generally safe, if the surface has a feeling of hair, or if the plastic bag feels sticky, then it must be toxic. For the safety of you and your family, please refuse toxic food bags!
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