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How to distinguish whether food bags are toxic?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-17
Nowadays, food bags are used in many places. No matter what is directly used, no matter whether it is toxic or not, this is a problem that most people ignore. This is not very bad for the human body. How can we distinguish whether a food bag is toxic? First of all, the vast majority of food bags are made of polyvinyl chloride. This kind of goods is toxic, so avoid using this kind of bag. There is also a bag made of polyvinyl chloride resin, which is not toxic in itself, but a plasticizer will be added in the process of making it, thus causing toxicity. In addition, a stabilizer is added to the limited food bag. This stabilizer is mainly a kind of lead stearate. Once it enters the human body, it will cause lead poisoning, so be careful not to use it.
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