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How to identify qualified plastic bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-26
For manufacturers or stores who have just come into contact with plastic packaging, how to identify whether their custom-made plastic bags are qualified is a headache, if you can't identify the fishy in the plastic bag, it will be easy to be fooled by some unscrupulous merchants, and the loss is not small. Small plastic bags may also damage the image of your brand. Now give you a few tips: 1. First look at the appearance, normal plastic bags, plastic packaging should be uniform in color, whether it is natural or milky white. If the color is uneven, there is a large color difference or turbidity in the part, you should be careful, it may not be made of pure raw materials. 2. Odor method, normal plastic bags will not have any odor. If the product you get has odor and odor, it also means that there is a bad filler in it, it may have a bad impact on your products, especially food bags, with especially serious consequences. I heard that there was a colleague who was contaminated because of the smell of the bag, and the food inside the customer was all polluted, and the final loss was millions of yuan. 3. Strength test, get the plastic bag, first tear it horizontally and then tear it vertically, check the horizontal and vertical strength of the bag, or try to install your product directly, check whether the hot seal at the bottom is firm and whether it is not hot. 4. Printing quality inspection, first compare the color of the product and the color you require, whether there is a large color difference, and then check the color between different colors. In addition, it is necessary to remind you that the normal use of plastic bags is non-toxic. If you use inferior plastic bags to pack high-temperature food, there may be toxic substances released, and long-term consumption will be harmful to health. For your health and environmental protection, please refuse to use inferior plastic bags or ultra-thin plastic bags. Let's contribute our own strength to the protection of the environment.
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