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How to understand the food safety signs on the bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-16
At present, food safety accidents occur frequently, and safety is more important than nutrition. When choosing food, you should see the signs on the food packaging and know the safety level of food before eating. 'QS' is the abbreviation of 'Qiyeshipin Shengchanxuke' for the enterprise food production license. Product description with QS logo this product has passed the mandatory inspection and is allowed to enter the market for sale. According to state regulations, processed foods such as rice, flour, oil, soy sauce and vinegar, meat products, dairy products, beverages ,, condiments, instant noodles, biscuits, cans, etc. must have the 'QS' logo before they can be sold. Pollution-free food refers to non-polluting, non-toxic, safe and high-quality food. The national standard for marking pollution-free agricultural products consists of green and orange colors. The logo pattern consists of wheat ears, checkmarks and pollution-free agricultural products. Wheat ears represent agricultural products, checkmarks indicate qualified, orange symbolizes maturity and harvest, and green symbolizes environmental protection and safety. Green food does not mean that the color is green food, but the general name of China's non-polluting, safe, high-quality and nutritious food. On May 1990, China's Ministry of Agriculture officially stipulated the name, standard and logo of green food. The green food logo is a circular pattern with the sun above, leaves below and buds at the center, it depicts a harmonious vitality under the bright sunshine, indicates that green food is a safe and pollution-free food from a good ecological environment, and reminds people that they must protect the environment. 'Organic food' is the 'flagship' in food. The term 'organic food' is literally translated from English, organic food is a kind of environment-friendly and safe food that really originates from nature, rich nutrition and high quality. The organic food logo adopts an internationally accepted circular composition, with palms and leaves as creative elements, and contains two kinds of scenes. One is a green leaf with one hand holding up, meaning human desire for nature and life; The second is to hold the two hands together and humanize the green leaves into natural hands, meaning that human survival cannot be separated from the care of nature, and human and nature need a harmonious and beautiful living relationship.
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