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Introduction to disposable environmentally friendly oil-proof paper bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-04-03
Disposable environmental protection oil-proof paper bag, the disposable oil-proof paper bag used must be marked with ISO11607 standard requirements; Comply with ISO11607 or EN868 standard, the seal is 2cm away from the outer opening. Greaseproof paper is made from chemical wood pulp after high-viscosity pulping, and is made on a long-net paper machine, or by oil-resistant paint ( Casein type, Varnish type, hot melt or Resin Type, silicate type)Made by coating processing. Widely used in the packaging of food and other oily goods. Oil-proof paper bags are only for one use; The area of the chemical indication mark outside the oil-proof paper bag shall not be less than 100 mm², and the distance between the two indication marks shall not be less than 155mm; No printing in the oil-proof paper bag filling area; Sterilization loading requirements: when placing, the paper should face the paper surface and the plastic surface. The sealing width of sealed packages such as oil-proof paper bags and paper bags shall be ≥ 6mm, and the instruments in the package shall be ≥ 2. 5 cm. Disinfection supply center management specification, cleaning and disinfection and sterilization technical operation specification. In our country, the packaging industry is still lagging behind compared with some developed countries. The reason is still lagging behind in environmental protection technology, so oil-proof paper bags have appeared in recent years. Environmentally friendly paper bag industry. In the 2012 London Olympics, oil-proof paper bags were used in food packaging, making it an environmentally friendly Olympics. With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of green environmental protection, more and more people have realized the importance of oil-proof paper bags. Therefore, the prospect of oil-proof paper bags is very bright. Oil-proof paper bags are also necessary to replace plastic bags and other packaging!
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