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Is plastic packaging for food harmful?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-18
Is plastic packaging for food harmful? Compared with many people, they want to know whether there is any harm or not, and if so, how much harm there is. Now let's briefly explain whether plastic packaging for food is harmful or not. At present, there are many kinds of plastic bags for food packaging bags, which are mainly made of two kinds: the first kind is made of polyethylene, polypropylene, melamine and other raw materials, and the second kind is made of polyvinyl chloride. The second kind of polyvinyl chloride is toxic. Although polyvinyl chloride resin itself is not toxic, plasticizer is added in the production process, so toxicity will occur. Everyone remembers that plastic bags made of PVC are toxic. Then, some stabilizers will be added to some plastic products. However, these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, in which lead salts are very easy to separate out. Once the human body inhales these substances, they will accumulate in the body, causing lead poisoning, thus endangering the health of consumers. How to identify whether plastic bags are toxic? The first type: Water Detection Method: Put the plastic bag into the water, and after the non-toxic plastic bag is put into the water, it can surface; However, toxic plastic bags are the opposite and will not float on the water. The second type: hand touch detection method: Touch the plastic packaging bag by hand, and it is non-toxic if it has a sense of lubrication; Otherwise toxic. The third type: jitter detection method: grab the end of the plastic bag by hand, pat it hard, and make a crisp sound, it is non-toxic; Otherwise toxic fourth: Fire detection method: you can cut off a side of the plastic bag, use fire, toxic and not easy to burn; Toxic is extremely flammable and has a pungent smell. The above is whether plastic packaging for food is harmful and how to identify whether plastic bags are toxic.
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