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Is the small bag in the food bag desiccant?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-13
Have you ever seen desiccant in food packaging? It is the kind of small paper bag or plastic pill that contains powdery or granular medicine. Some desiccant uses quicklime, and it is dangerous if children take it to play. However, small bags in food packaging are not necessarily desiccant, but there is also something called Deoxidizer. The emergence of deoxidizer began in the 1920s s and was widely used in the food industry in the 1970s S. At present, Japan is the country with the most research and application of Deoxidizer. 【The role of deoxidizer] Deoxidizer can easily create an almost oxygen-free environment in sealed food packaging without affecting the original production process of the product. It can maintain an oxygen-free environment for a long time, even if a small amount of oxygen penetrates into food packaging. Deoxidizer can avoid the reproduction of microorganisms that need oxygen, such as mold and yeast, to the greatest extent. Putting deoxidizer into grain packaging such as rice flour can prevent insect growth. Deep-fried foods, cream, cheese, moon cakes, melon seeds and other high-fat foods are packaged in deoxidizer to prevent oxidative rancidity (Ha la flavor), Extend the shelf life. It can also prevent the nutrients in food from being oxidized and inactivated, and is also conducive to maintaining the color and aroma of food. For example, the use of deoxidizer in tea can keep green for a long time. 【The wonderful use of rust] Iron rust is a very annoying thing, but this principle can be used for food deoxidation. In theory, 1 gram of active iron powder can absorb 1. 5 liters of oxygen in the air, it can be said that food packaging is not a big problem. Although there are iron deoxidizers, sulfite deoxidizers and organic deoxidizers from the technical level, iron agents are most widely used due to their low cost, good effect and high safety, the deoxidizer you see in food packaging is basically it. 【What else is there besides iron powder] Iron deoxidizer is usually packed with breathable plastic film or paper and then placed in food packaging bags, in which there are some common auxiliary components besides iron powder. Iron is more likely to rust in a humid environment, so the iron deoxidizer needs a small amount of water to play its role, and the addition of calcium chloride and other moisture-absorbing components is the purpose. Iron hull ships are more likely to be corroded in seawater because salt will accelerate the redox reaction of iron, so a small amount of salt is often added to food Deoxidizer. The larger the surface area of iron powder, the easier it is to absorb oxygen. Therefore, the use of porous materials such as activated carbon, zeolite or diatomite to increase the surface area can improve the effect of Deoxidizer. Therefore, the ingredients of deoxidizer are very safe, although they cannot be eaten, they are not terrible.
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