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Manufacturing process and performance of oil-proof paper bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-06
Production process and performance of oil-proof paper Bag: 1)Safety Protection performance for grain quality. This involves shielding, protection, stability, hygiene and safety; 2)Machining performance. Involving processability, printability, heat sealing, etc; 3)Easy to use performance. Requirements of light easy to carry to store, open, open sign is obviously easy to buy; 4)Economic performance. That is, the simplicity, rationality and energy saving of production; 5)Environmental performance. Recycling and Biodegradability can be recovered. Indentation operation process of oil-proof paper bag :(1) First clean the bottom plate of the die-cutting machine, stick double-sided adhesive tape, and then lay a layer of cardboard with a quantity of about 500g/m2 to make it firmly stick to the bottom plate. (2) Using a large molding pressure, start the die-cutting machine to indentation the cardboard. After many times of heavy pressing, the cardboard will have deep groove marks. Attention should be paid to not fracturing the cardboard. (3) Adjust the molding pressure, put the paper, and press out the folding marks. This kind of crease must have a certain depth, so that it is not easy to run the line when folding by hand, but it should not be too deep, so that the paper is crushed or folded and broken, or because the plastic deformation at the crease is too heavy, the portable oil-proof paper bag is easy to break in the future use, which affects the service life. Especially when indentation processing kraft paper, Kraft paper is brittle and its toughness is not as good as coated paper, so the molding pressure should be properly controlled.
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