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Manufacturing process of multi-layer Kraft paper bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-29
The roll Kraft paper is automatically formed according to the size required by the customer, the middle seam is glued, the upper and lower cylinder are indented, and the finished product is output at one time. It has a wide range of applications and is an ideal equipment for packaging food, chemical industry, cement and other products. Machine technical parameters, configuration: first, product name: ordinary flat mouth four-layer Kraft paper tube machine (Standard Model) The bottom of the line is sewn with an industrial sewing machine, and the bottom must be manually pasted. Second, the main features: frequency conversion speed regulation, the machine has no need to replace the gear arbitrary fixed length, with color code automatic tracking function, servo system PLC control. It has the functions of automatic gluing, molding, material drawing, photoelectric induction, arbitrary fixed length, cutting, counting, output, etc. Third, technical parameters: 1, Paper Weight: 70- 140g 2, bag length: No limit 3, bag width: 400- 720, can be used as 'M' edge, folding width can be adjusted 4, coil width: 620- 1250 5, bag making layer: 1-5 layers (Can be customized according to customer requirements) 6, bag line speed: 65 m/min (Count according to bag length) 7. Allowable maximum paper roll diameter: 1300; Allow roll core aperture Ф 76mm (Domestic Standard Paper core) 8. Overall power: 12kw 9, total weight: 5000 10, buyer's power supply condition: 380 10V 50HZ 3-phase 4-wire 11, control mode: imported servo control system, photoelectric tracking 12, equipment dimensions: 13000*2400*1900 Shijiazhuang products wholesale
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