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Manufacturing process of oil-proof paper bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-05
Oil-proof paper bags, that is, coated paper bags, are composite materials that coat plastic particles on the surface of paper through a casting machine. The main feature is that the composite materials can be oil-proof and waterproof (Relative)Can be heated. Different uses take different characteristics: when used to package hamburgers, take its oil-proof characteristics. McDonald's is an 80-degree edible vegetable oil that does not leak oil for 10 minutes. When used in coated paper packaging, it is waterproof. When used in automatic packaging machine packaging, its heat sealing characteristics are taken. (1), Glasin (The bottom paper is glasin) Silicone paper: high temperature resistant, moisture proof, oil proof, generally used in food industry packaging. (2) , Ordinary release paper: moisture-proof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation. As a printed matter, the nature of the coated paper itself, the performance of the ink, the density of the printed text, etc. , all affect the quality of the greaseproof paper bag printing. If you use a poor uniformity of the film paper printing, due to the size of the ink absorption in the format, the absorption speed is not consistent; It will cause quantitative changes in paper tightness, evenness, smoothness, and moisture. If the ink printing layer is too thick and thick, the wetting, diffusion and permeability of adhesive molecules will be poor, the movement of molecules between each other will not be very active, and the mechanical binding force will be small. When coating the oil-proof paper, first apply a layer of adhesive on the surface of the plastic film. Although it is dried, it still cannot meet the requirements of coating. At this time, the solvent is diluted to dilute the adhesive concentration in order to dry quickly, but the water content is too high, and bubbles with air are easy to appear when pressing the film, and then peeling and falling off. At the same time, the film is easy to absorb oil, moisture, dust and other substances in the air, thereby reducing its surface function. Excessive humidity will also affect the volatilization of solvent in the adhesive. There are too many residual solvents, which will produce air isolation in the film, so that the film cannot be attached. At the same time, the roller pressure is uneven, the rubber roller itself is uneven, and there is dirt on the rubber roller, it will cause wrinkles when the film is coated.
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