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Necessary conditions for food grade product composite packaging bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-22
Since food-grade packaging bags are the most important use of composite packaging bags, there are many kinds and different requirements, the contents to be packaged from raw to cooked, from low temperature to high temperature, from easy-to-corrupt fresh fruits to hard nuts, from vacuum packaging bags to Inflatable packaging bags, cover almost all the range of composite packaging bags. (1)Blocking requirements; Most foods are rich in Grease, which is easy to oxidize and deteriorate. Therefore, the oxygen resistance is strictly required, and the increase or decrease of moisture in the packaging bag is also very high. (2)Water activity; Food contains a certain amount of moisture. When the packaging material is selected, the moisture content of food changes little under the condition that the processing conditions and formula of food remain unchanged. When the conditions change, it will directly affect the original water activity value of food, and water is one of the important factors causing food deterioration. As long as there is a certain water content, microorganisms can grow. For foods with different moisture content, different materials and methods should be adopted. A low-moisture active food. Bacteria can no longer have water activity below 0. 65 of the food survived, and its water activity was lower than 0. 5%. For 60 dry foods, as long as they can be kept dry for a long time, corruption and deterioration caused by bacteria in food can be avoided. B food with moderate water activity. For water activity at 0. 60-0. In terms of 90 Intermediate Moisture food, the methods to maintain food quality include vacuum packaging, nitrogen packaging, deoxidizer packaging, oxidation and deterioration of fat in food, discoloration of food, etc. C high moisture activity food. For water activity at 0. 9-1. 0 Multi-moisture food, quality maintenance Method: Heat sterilization above 100 ℃, sterile packaging sterilized with hydrogen peroxide, radiation, etc. (3)Food Bag Inflatable packaging. The function of inflatable packaging is to extend the shelf life, and the type of inflation puts different requirements on the packaging bag. (4)Requirements for grain packaging bags. Song and dance have a respiratory effect, and the adsorption capacity of different grains to oxygen varies greatly. In various grain packaging bags, the method of filling oxygen in the packaging bag with excellent barrier property can be used to better preserve the inflatable packaging bag of the food. (5)High temperature sterilization requirements. Food sterilization includes pasteurization at 85 ℃, boiling sterilization at 100 ℃, high temperature cooking sterilization at 121 ℃, and ultra-high temperature cooking sterilization at 135 ℃. Select sterilization conditions according to different products. The factors causing deterioration of different foods are different. We must know the main factors of deterioration of various foods in advance and design packaging bags accordingly. (6)Requirements for vacuum packaging bags. Vacuum Packaging is isolated from oxygen and moisture, which can ensure the quality of materials and make the appearance of the goods look good and generous.
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