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Packaging bag manufacturer: Classification of plastic packaging bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-16
First, according to the composite form: single-layer plastic packaging bags and composite plastic packaging bags. Single-layer plastic packaging bags, mostly PE plastic film, also have heat-sealing grade BOPP. Features of single-layer plastic packaging bags: 1)Cheap price, 2)Using the printing process 3)Mostly using benzene-soluble ink 4) Since the ink is on the surface of the printing layer, it is easy to fade compared to the Gravure Printed composite plastic packaging bag. 5) Mostly used in clothing packaging bags, and ordinary food packaging 6)It belongs to low-end packaging. Characteristics of composite plastic packaging bags: 1)The price is more expensive than the single-layer plastic bag 2)Mirror gravure. 3) Due to the implementation of benzene-free ketone-Free Ink in China, more and more manufacturers are using benzene-free ketone-free ink, but some manufacturers are still using benzene-soluble ink 4 in order to reduce costs) Because it adopts intaglio printing, the printing ink is located on the inside of the printing layer, and then it is compounded, so that it will not cause color discoloration due to friction, oxidation and other problems, compared with the surface printing of single-layer plastic packaging bags, it will last a lot. 5) Composite plastic packaging bags are widely used in food industry, chemical industry, daily necessities and so on. They are used for their exquisite printing and daily enhancement of functions, and are more and more widely used. 7)Belongs to high-end packaging. Second, according to the packaging function: Universal packaging and special packaging. For example, three-layer packaging in composite packaging bags: BOPP/PET/PE, BOPP/WMPET/PE, BOPP/PE can be used in most packaging, such as jujube packaging bags, brown sugar packaging bags, condiment packaging bags, dried fruit packaging bags, candy packaging bags, roast duck packaging bags, roast chicken packaging bags, chicken leg packaging bags, etc. Most products can use such packaging materials. Other packaging materials can also be customized according to customer requirements. There are also many special packaging bags: 1. If the price exceeds 2 kg, BOPA/PE or PET/BOPA/PE will be used, BOPA has strong tensile strength, high oxygen resistance and soft texture. 2. High-temperature cooking packaging bags: including marinated egg packaging bags, roasted chicken inner packaging bags, roast duck inner packaging bags, cooked food inner packaging bags such as roasted pigeon inner packaging bags and chicken leg inner packaging bags, which are mostly adopted by BOPA/RCPP, because BOPA and RCPP both have high temperature resistance, at 121 degrees. 30 minutes of high temperature, 131 degrees, 30 minutes of high temperature, no problem. There are also customers who will use BOPA/AL/RCPP to reflect the grade of packaged products. 3. Chemical product packaging bags: including pesticide packaging bags and chemical corrosive product packaging bags, PET/BOPA/AL/CPP is mostly used, but due to its anti-corrosion compound, however, CPP is still breathable and can be used for a long time. If corrosive liquid contacts corrosion-resistant glue through CPP, delamination may occur. However, the company has developed a new product. The inner seal layer is made of coating corrosion-resistant material, which can withstand a variety of corrosive liquids and will not cause delamination through non-adhesive pressing. It is widely used in pesticide packaging and various corrosive liquid packaging. 4, washing products: washing powder packaging bags and laundry liquid self-supporting bag nozzle bag, washing powder packaging bags are mainly BOPP/milky white PE, there are also customers using BOPP/PET/milky white PE. According to the bag shape classification: self-supporting packaging bag, self-supporting zipper bag, three-sided zipper bag, self-supporting nozzle bag, shaped bag, ordinary three-sided seal, back-sealed pillow bag, five-sided seal, middle seal bag. A beautiful package, in addition to the appropriate bag shape, and then its exquisite printing quality, of course, safety and environmental protection is the premise. With the continuous development of the plastic packaging market, plastic packaging bags should not only be functional packaging, but also people pay more and more attention to the quality and beauty of printing. Advanced equipment, technical proficiency, rapid research and development, increased investment, and accurate grasp of market trends will bring more intense competition to the plastic packaging industry. Climbing enterprises: not only have good technology but also have good attitude, but also eliminate enterprises: neither good technology nor good attitude, unstable enterprises: seemingly good technology and seemingly good attitude, hegemonic enterprise: it has exquisite technology but does not have a good attitude. For those climbing enterprises, the plastic flexible packaging market will definitely have major changes.
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