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Packaging printing QR code notes

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-17
The QR code can be monochrome black or multi-color overprint. The main factors affecting the printing quality of two-dimensional codes are color contrast and Overprint errors. 1. Color contrast. Insufficient color contrast of newspaper two-dimensional codes will affect the recognition of two-dimensional codes by mobile phone software. The optical characteristics of bar code printing symbols require: in order to read reliably, after printing, the line and the space in the bar code should have obvious contrast, the reflectivity of the space should be as large as possible, and the reflectivity of the line should be as small as possible. According to the national standard, the whiteness of domestic newsprint is above 50%, and normal printing can meet the identification requirements of two-dimensional codes. However, it should be noted that when making two-dimensional codes in newspapers, editors should be reminded not to add shading to prevent insufficient contrast from affecting reading. 2, overprint error, mainly refers to the color QR code. When printing, you must ensure that the QR code is neat and clear. Usually, we specify Overprint errors (Overprint error between the main color and the picture) The maximum value of should be less than or equal to 0 of the nominal width of the narrowest bar code. 4 times. According to the national standard, the overprint error requirement of newspapers is less than or equal to 0. 3mm. In fact, some newspapers above the provincial level with advanced printing equipment and high quality requirements can fully meet the standards in this respect. Some city newspapers, such as overprinting is not stable, it is recommended that the two-dimensional code be printed in monochrome, so there is no overprinting problem. Some elements are lost in printing. When printing, attention should be paid to the fact that elements cannot be lost on the printing plate, so as not to cause difficulty in reading the two-dimensional code. In printing, due to the printing plate or blanket, it is easy to cause the printing pattern defect. For the two-dimensional code, a slightly 'fragmentary' pattern, special attention should be paid to pre-press plate making and post-press inspection. Printing Ink color problem, to control the size error of the two-dimensional code symbol, the key to control the ink color and printing pressure in printing to ensure accurate reduction of the two-dimensional code stripes. Under normal conditions, we must ensure that the ink is small and the ink is small, and at the same time ensure the necessary thickness of the ink layer. There is no false stripes caused by low pressure or insufficient ink color; There is no stripe diffusion caused by high pressure or large ink. Xinle Hongtai packaging products factory's business scope: non-woven bags, paper bags, paper products packaging, coated paper production, wholesale sales, the company covers an area of 1500m2 square meters, newly built 930m2 square meters of production plant, 300 square meters of office, the total construction area of the project 1230m2 square meters, purchase 14 sets of production equipment such as printing machine, bag pasting machine, paper cutting machine, slicer, middle sewing machine and bottom sewing machine (Set). The company's main products: food bags, oil-proof bags, bread bags, non-woven bags, chestnut bags with the fierce market competition, product performance is improving. The quality of the products has always been controlled in an excellent state and has been well received by customers. We uphold' Continuous progress, adhere to strict quality control, sincere service, to ensure customer satisfaction' Quality policy, with professional skills and enthusiasm to provide our customers with thoughtful service. And market-oriented, customer-centered, adhere to the quality of the road.
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