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Plastic bag factory needs to strengthen research and development innovation of plastic packaging bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-07
First, plastic bag factories need to strengthen research and development investment in new materials and processing technologies for plastic packaging bags. We can learn from the latest scientific research results and advanced foreign technologies, and use plastic products with better performance as plastic bag raw materials to realize high performance and high cost performance of plastic packaging bags and meet the new needs of the market. Second, plastic bag factories need to strengthen their independent technology research and development and innovation ability. By strengthening learning and cooperating with scientific research institutions, they should form a long-term mechanism for independent technology research and development, so as to promote the transformation of new technologies and change the past to seek development by output, promote the upgrading of old plastic packaging bag products at the expense of the environment, win market segmentation with new products and create their own advantages. Third, plastic bag factories need to strengthen the recycling and reuse technology of plastic bags. With the implementation of the national plastic ban, the market potential for recycling and utilization of waste plastic products is huge. The state has a clear reform incentive policy in this regard, as a plastic packaging bag factory, it can improve the existing product pattern by strengthening research and development investment in this area, form a virtuous circle of plastic bag production, processing, recycling and reuse, and improve the utilization rate of resources. Fourth, plastic bag factories need to strengthen the investment in intelligent plastic packaging bag production equipment. With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the labor cost of a single product is getting higher and higher. Only by continuously innovating processing technology and adopting and developing intelligent plastic bag manufacturing and processing equipment can the labor input be reduced, improve production efficiency, thus winning higher bargaining power in the market. Fifth, plastic bag factories need to strengthen innovation in all aspects of production management. By adopting more scientific and efficient management methods and mechanisms, they can improve the enthusiasm of each position, reduce the defective rate and improve product quality, so as to better reduce management costs and win customer satisfaction and market recognition. To sum up, it is not a slogan for plastic bag factories to strengthen research and development innovation, but to implement all aspects of plastic packaging bag raw materials, production and processing, recycling and management innovation so as to conform to the social development trend, build sustainable competitiveness.
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