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Production process of plastic woven bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-09
Production process of plastic woven bag: Raw material PP (Polypropylene)→ Plastic wire drawing machine (Make PP and PE raw materials into silk thread)→ Winder (Roll the pulled silk thread)→ Round loom (Weave the rolled silk into a plastic woven tube cloth)→ Compound Machine (Composite OPP, paper and other materials)→ Printing machine (Printing and patterns, etc)→ Bag cutter bag holder (Cut the plastic woven tube cloth into a bag)→ Sewing machine (Sewing bottom)→ Baler (Pack the formed bag into bundles)→ Factory → waste recycling → crusher (Broken waste silk), Dryer (Drying waste silk)The dried raw materials are put into the wire drawing machine for reuse
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