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Several key points of paper bag customization

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-17
First of all, you have to customize the paper bag. Before you know the material of the paper bag, how should we choose the material of the paper bag? Now we will follow the footsteps to understand and understand! First of all, the common paper is white cardboard, because of its strong texture, generally 210 grams of thickness bearing 3 ~ 250 is enough. Of course, if it is a heavy leather garment or other items, the load-bearing effect of grams of white card will be good, and the printing effect is also good. The price is moderate, and it is generally the choice of medium and high-grade products. Coated paper is a kind of material that is not commonly used. Its quality is softer than white cardboard. The conventional thickness is 175 grams. The printing effect is the same as that of white cardboard, the price is similar to white cardboard. In recent years, many large foreign brand clothing bags have become popular with about 180 grams of white kraft paper. Most of the white kraft paper they use is made abroad. This kind of paper bag is lighter to use, it won't be particularly large, because its bearing capacity is not as good as white cardboard, but the printing is not easy to change color, and it doesn't need to be coated. Its price is also high in various materials, portable Paper bag manufacturers often import this material. Of course, there are also yellow cowhide materials. Its price is relatively cheaper than the coated paper below, but the printing effect is not as good as other materials. Of course, imported ones are better than domestic ones. If the product output value is not high, choosing cheap packaging can save a lot of costs. Gray board paper and double-sided white material are more cost-effective, it can be said that it is a cheap material in the public paper category. Gray board paper, as the name implies, means that one side is white, one side is gray paper, the low thickness is 250 grams, the hardness is softer, the printing effect is similar to that of white cardboard, and it also needs to be coated. Double-sided white is similar to gray paper, but the two sides are white, the middle is gray material, the price is more expensive than gray paper, can also be used to 'charge' white cardboard. The material of the paper is added so much, and there will be time to introduce it in detail. However, while selecting materials, we must first pay attention to matching the grade of the product. Secondly, we must not blindly pursue cheap. We must confirm the sample with the manufacturer and pay attention to the effect of matching with the product, so as not to cause 'disharmony. Now that we have known the material of paper bag customization, now we can go and see some key points of paper bag customization. The main part is the production cycle, because paper bags need a certain cycle in customization, and the production workshop cannot be empty, and there will also be paper bags currently being made, it is generally recommended that customers confirm various requirements at least one month in advance. Like our Sanxi paper bags, the production cycle is generally about 15 working days. If the time is too tight, it will be very unfavorable for the adjustment of the paper bag in the later stage. Secondly, in terms of quantity, due to the loss in the production of paper bags, in order to ensure the large quantity of goods, there will generally be 10% more preparation. In this case, the number of finished products is often more, and customers can choose whether they need these extra paper bags. It is the packaging, transportation and other aspects of the portable paper bag that need to be prepared in advance if there are special requirements. Shijiazhuang packaging custom
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