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Summary and discussion on design and printing methods of environmental protection bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-30
The so-called non-woven bag refers to the bag whose manufacturing data can be naturally degraded and the degradation time is not too long. Together, it can be used repeatedly. In the design and printing of environmental protection bags, regarding the usual dry goods, it is recommended to use the national waste or European waste, and control the production of base paper according to the technical specifications of grade A or B kraft paper. The surface layer can be dried or not Hung, depending on whether to print messy pictures and advertisements. Together, the paper can be quantified at 135 to 150g/m2. The 25*20 * paper bag accepts a weight of 8. Regarding the demand for goods with a certain amount of moisture, it is also possible to use all waste paper. However, on the basis of the above specifications, a certain wet strength agent 0 is added. 5 to 1. 0%, wet strength reaches 10 ~ The dry strength of 15% is fine. Non-woven environmental protection bags should have two aspects. On the one hand, they are made of natural materials and can be reused; On the other hand, the damage will not leave solid waste in the natural environment in the future, which will cause less damage to the environment than other data. The description and printing of portable environmental protection bags also requires adding or coating environment-friendly oil-proof agent on the pulp during the papermaking process, and can also spray water-soluble or degradable resin on kraft paper with good external strength for the second time. The printing of the Environmental Protection bag, because it is usually printed on the non-woven fabric, the color must be colored and blended according to the selection of the fabric, and the color will be bright and gorgeous. When depicting the Environmental Protection bag, we must first highlight the environmental protection effect. The picture is based on the theme of the Environmental Protection bag, showing clear and clear colors, or easy to understand, or general conceptualization, there are certain norms and requirements.
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