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The history of Fast Sincere



This story is small in the Packaging Industry, but it is still a story.

Mr. Hu the CEO of Fast Sincere had an occasional chance to see his brother working in the PRINTING & PACKAGING. “He suddenly wondered why we couldn’t do it ourselves?” So the brothers had the found company together.

So we had our own first machine in a room of less than 50 square meters in 2002. The main products were mainly labels. Because of the small start-up company, we are very unremarkable in this highly competitive market environment. However, Mr. Hu unanimously emphasized one thing, and doing things in line with being a human being, we must persist in ourselves and put the quality of our products up. So in the course of 20 years of development, they have been following companies like HP. Because of the cornerstone of a company like HP, we started to enter the plastics industry in 2008.

In 2012, Mr. Hu, who did not even speak English, met Mr. Ax in Hong Kong. He showed Hu a product and told Hu that such products are very popular in Europe and there is no automatic mechanical equipment for one company to produce. 

After a month, Fast Sincere announced that its automatic production machinery R & D team was officially announced.

In 2014 we completed 20 machines and reached 10 containers per year.

In 2016, we bought our own piece of land in Dongguan Huangjiang Industrial Park and built 12,000 square meters of use space, including staff quarters, production workshops and office buildings.

In 2018, we completed a small target of 100 million RMB.

In 2019, the sales performance of 20,000,000pcs per month was completed, and about 20 containers per month to meet the needs of current customers.

In the future, we will pay close attention to the health of employees' physical health and make unremitting efforts to build fitness facilities and increase group building activities;

We will develop more and better mechanical equipment to meet the needs of the market, such as cut angle bags / paper bags / degradable materials;

We will play a greater role in promoting environmental protection and will continue to carry out the activities of picking up garbage;

Thank you for you all support.

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