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The latest development trend of product packaging design

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-25
Packaging is the product of industrialization and social and economic development. Marketing packaging designed to cater to the market, guide consumption and meet people's material and aesthetic needs for commodities has its packaging characteristics, material waste is serious, and even the packaging cost of the product greatly exceeds the product itself. The current mission of packaging is promotion. In order to better balance the contradiction between sales and environmental protection, the development of packaging design has a new trend: 01. Green environmental protection packaging refers to recyclable packaging that will not pollute the environment. It means a new technological revolution in the packaging industry-- To solve the treatment of packaging material waste and the development of degradable plastics. At present, the packaging products designed in our country are for the purpose of saving resources as much as possible. For example, reusable environmental protection bags are better ways to save resources. Snack bag here is to talk about the famous work of Japanese designer Tokuda--Shuisen live (Ilohas)Packaging design of mineral water. This design seems to be moderate in appearance, but it chooses a green bottle and label design that can reduce crude oil consumption. At the same time, the Environmental Protection bottle is softer and thinner. Its weight is only 60% of that of ordinary baote bottles, and it can also be screwed together to save more space during garbage collection. With the selling point of 'plastic bottles that can be screwed', Shui Sen quickly triggered a topic after listing, and became the first bottled water in Japan in the first year, this original design is also called 'perceived environmental protection '. 02. The packaging of special products is now sold in the marketing market under various banners, and China's packaging is also developing towards national characteristics. For example, Chinese traditional festival foods: Zongzi, moon cakes, rice cakes, tangyuan, etc. These traditional foods can be designed according to local folk customs. There are also some traditional Chinese dim sum 'cakes' and 'tea '. For example, 'tea', except for 'tea ceremony', which is more popular in daily drinks in China and meets the basic physiological and hospitality needs, is mostly given as gifts to guests. These can be designed to have a unique packaging shape with folk customs. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival just past, a large number of moon cake packaging designs with brand characteristics or cultural characteristics emerged. For example, the following paragraph is designed with the theme of 'water melody song' by Su Shi in black and gold tones, which restores the most traditional Mid-Autumn Festival impression that people first met in textbooks.
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