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The process of customizing food packaging bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-23
Food packaging bags are the most common in our daily life, and the styles are also various. Food bags are customized according to different foods. The customization process is as follows: first, design, determine the package size, material, thickness and bag type, according to these materials, let the designer or the packaging factory design and make the packaging bag artwork, which can be designed in several more copies. When designing, we must give reference and finally determine the bag. In the design, special attention should be paid to the text information, address, company name and other important information on the packaging bag. Second, printing, after the raw materials are prepared, use a high-speed printing machine to print the surface film. During printing, the ink is constantly flowing because the ink will condense, when printing with ink and film, a scraper is inlaid. The scraper scrapes the ink at the protruding place of the plate roll, so that the recessed plate roll can be printed. If the scraper is stained with dust, strip-shaped ink pollution will occur. The phenomenon of dot-like ink pollution is caused by the splash of ink on the packaging film during rolling printing, resulting in dot-like ink pollution. Three, composite and curing, the printed surface film and easy heat sealing inner film with special glue special high-speed peritoneal machine for composite. After the compounding is completed, it needs to be cured for more than 24 hours in a curing chamber above 45 degrees, so that the food packaging bag is not easy to delaminate. Four, bag making, at this time the production of food packaging bags has come to an end, bag making technicians need to have certain skills, and must ensure that the color printing packaging bags are well sealed and do not leak, the temperature control of the ironing knife should be technical. Five, quality inspection, packaging bag main testing items: size, appearance, overprint error, color difference, peel strength, heat sealing strength. After passing the inspection, you can wait for the factory. Six, after the shipment packaging storage, contact the customer, according to the distance, carry out far logistics, near delivery. Logistics distribution is carried out in the far place and delivery to the door is carried out in the near place.
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