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The relevant laws and regulations of food packaging design, soft packaging factory is best to memorize!

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-21
1. The label name must be true. The new rules require that 'New Name', 'Strange name' and 'transliteration name' can be used on the label, however, the name or equivalent name specified in the national standard or industry standard shall be marked in the adjacent part of the name shown; If there is no name specified by national standards or industry standards, it must be marked with common names that reflect the true attributes of food and do not misunderstand consumers. 2. Foreign languages should be smaller than Chinese characters. The new regulations require that in addition to registered trademarks, food prepackaging must use standard Chinese characters, while the pinyin, foreign language or national characters used at the same time must not be larger than the corresponding Chinese characters. 3, can not glue production date. The new regulations require that food must be marked with the date of production, which is the date when the finished products produced by the producer pass the factory inspection; The production date shall indicate the specific part of the package, and the general 'see outer package' shall not be adopted '. 4. Genetically modified food must be indicated. The new regulations require that foods listed in the 'measures for the administration of agricultural genetically modified organisms' issued by the Ministry of Agriculture must be labeled with 'genetically modified foods '. If the oil made from genetically modified soybean is used, the label should also be marked with the words 'genetically modified soybean oil. 5. Language that implies efficacy cannot be used. New regulations: special dietary foods (Such as: infant food, diabetic food)Nutrients must be identified, I . e. nutrition labels. Contents that cannot be marked include: contents that have 'prevention' or 'treatment' effects on certain diseases. 6. Write the specific name of the preservative. The new regulations require that all ingredients in the food ingredient list should be arranged in descending order of the amount added when processed food is manufactured. The new regulations require that infant formula milk powder should be marked with nutrients, calories, eating methods and suitable people. The label of imported infant formula milk powder shall be marked with 'country or region of origin', etc. 7. The product name and font size should be unified. The new regulations require: to further strengthen the authenticity of food labels, and not to use product names to confuse the true attributes of food to deceive consumers.
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