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Things that are easy to go wrong in the packaging bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-15
Because different compound links of production environment and production process often have different problems, the following problems are relatively easy to ignore. Bubble: The white dot of the aluminized film composite should not be included in the bubble phenomenon. First of all, the bubbles are separated from the machine and appear after entering the curing chamber. Generally, most of them are related to the poor coating state, which is related to the matching of viscosity, concentration and anilox roller. Generally, this kind of bubble is small and dense. Experienced masters can see that the bubbles that are off the machine will disappear after aging, and those will not disappear. However, it is accompanied by anti-sticking after entering the curing chamber, most of which is related to the low purity of the solvent. This part of the bubble is generally invisible when it is off the machine. After curing, it will become irregular in size, ranging from mung beans to soybeans. Curling angle: the bag made sometimes has some unevenness, and some bags are not flat on one side. This angle is flat, and the corner is not flat. In addition to the tension control, which is the reason for the deformation of the film, and the reason for the high heat sealing temperature, there is also a uneven heating of the film roll during curing, and this uneven heating is not the uneven inside and outside of the film roll, but the two ends of the film roll are unevenly heated. Careful observation will also find that the adjacent side is generally tireless or much better when the bag is folded, while the other adjacent side is more serious. If this is the reason, the manufacturer's experience is to leave it at normal temperature for a period of time after coming out of the curing chamber to restore the temperature of the film roll to uniformity. Of course, it is better to let the film roll be heated evenly in the curing chamber, so pay attention to the parking position and method of the film roll in the curing chamber. Smoothing agent: the peeling strength caused by the precipitation of the smoothing agent is low, and the PE film with a thickness of more than 8C generally appears. The phenomenon is that there is no obvious change in the initial stage after compounding, generally, Intensity attenuation will occur in about 7 days. After tearing, it will be found that there is a layer of foggy white frost on the inner film, which can be marked by hand. After tearing a piece into a high-temperature oven for a few minutes, the peel strength will increase a lot, but the peel strength will drop again after a minute. If it is a composite coil, it can also be put into a curing chamber and placed in a temperature above 60 degrees for more than 12 hours, which may also make up for it. Other did not find any good way. Sticky: that is, the curing is not complete. Most of them are related to the low purity of the solvent and the excessive ambient humidity. There are also a barrel of glue divided into two blending, making the amount of curing agent added inaccurate. Generally, the larger the amount of glue is, the more stable the quality of the composite product is. In addition to the problem of anti-sticking, there is a more hidden problem that is more terrible. It is no problem to place the bag in the factory or the customer, but after loading the contents (Generally more than 5 days) The surface of the bag will be wrinkled, and it will be found that there is no dry phenomenon after the opening. So once you find that there is incomplete curing, don't put it in the customer's heart. At least in your own factory, you must load the same content as the customer and test it. After the bag is made, the opening is not good: the opening of the bag is not good. In addition to the cause of the inner membrane itself and the curing, the opening is not good. There is also a situation that is easy to occur on the thinner inner membrane (Generally around 3c). Due to the effect of the composite adhesive, the auxiliary agent of the film migrates to the composite layer as a whole, resulting in an increase in friction coefficient and poor opening.
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