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Three trends of plastic packaging bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-11
The pollution of plastic bags to the environment is usually called'White pollution' This kind of pollution is difficult to eliminate and degrade. Cities and natural environment will cause serious pollution. Therefore, such pollution comes from all over the world and is highly valued in the field of environmental protection. With the rapid development of society, people have put forward new development requirements and trends for plastic packaging, mainly reducing the main trends of quantification, harmlessness and composting. Reduction: minimize the production of plastic bags, use them to consume resources and produce garbage, research, develop and promote the use of degradable plastic packaging and high-filled inorganic materials. Photodegradation of plastic packaging. Therefore, the use of raw materials and oil can be saved. It is not only easy to be destroyed by the environment, but also of strategic significance to the utilization of resources. Harmless: After the test, the study found that after degrading the plastic bag for a period of time, the chemical and mechanical properties of the landfill waste, great changes have taken place in the short term, which are biodegradable and completely harmless fragments, such as the environmental capacity of soil, reducing waste, controlling environmental pollution, and finally returning to the natural environment. Composting: in recent years, the treatment methods of incineration waste in landfill sites have been gradually limited, and composting treatment has begun to receive attention, which can not only reduce the emission of harmful gases, but also improve soil as an organic fertilizer. Therefore, the development of environmentally friendly degradable plastic bags needs to be developed towards composting to better meet the overall needs of the environmental protection field. Environmentally degradable plastic bags are new members of plastic packaging products, effectively alleviating and curbing environmental pollution, but their production technology and popularization and application still need further development, it is of great significance to energy utilization and environmental protection.
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