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Today's breakfast shops use plastic bags to hold hot food. Can you eat it?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-26
Medical experts pointed out that food, especially cooked food, is often easy to deteriorate after being packed in plastic bags. After eating such deteriorated food, people are easy to cause food poisoning symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, the plastic itself will release harmful gases, and the concentration will increase with the increase of sealing time due to long-term accumulation in the sealed bag, resulting in different degrees of pollution of the food in the bag, the impact on children's healthy development is particularly prominent. A. Plastic bags with particularly dark colors often used on stalls have great harm. It is reprocessed from recycled waste plastic products, which is extremely harmful to human body and cannot be used to hold directly imported food; In addition, PVC plastic products cannot be used to store alcoholic food and oily food, otherwise lead in the bag will dissolve into the food; At the same time, this kind of plastic bag cannot hold food with a temperature above 50 C. B. Insiders pointed out that most of the plastic bags currently sold and used in the market are produced by small enterprises or family workshops around the world, and a considerable number are recycled plastic products, using waste plastics collected by garbage stations, industrial wastes and plastic wastes discarded by medical institutions for recycling and processing, they are privately processed into food bags and put on the market without disinfection. These recycled plastics contain bacteria and carcinogens that seriously exceed the standard. Using this plastic product to pack cooked food that is directly imported has extremely serious consequences for the health of consumers. Such plastic bags contain a large number of bacteria that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Long-term use of such disposable plastic food bags can easily lead to chronic food poisoning.
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