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Watermark making method of food oil-proof paper bag

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-12
Food Oil-proof paper bag water-based mucilage screen printing, such as this kraft paper bag is a kind of water-based elastic mucilage, this material is most reflected in the use of our kraft paper bag, this is also called printing. The printing of kraft paper bags is generally that the color paste and the water-based Elastic Glue can be completely mixed together, and the two can be well reconciled with each other. When the food oil-proof paper bag is used for printing, it does not participate in any chemical solvent. This can be washed directly with clear water. The Kraft paper bag produced is non-toxic. Instead, it has become a product with excellent water resistance after multi-layer processing. It basically has no odor. This is a very environmentally friendly Kraft paper bag. This food oil-proof paper bag also has good characteristics in printing. This is a manual pressing printing method that we don't use very much. This technology is only used when making Kraft paper bags. And the service life of the food oil-proof paper bag products produced by this method is very long. The raw material of the food oil-proof paper bag is coated with oil-proof paper. We all know that the general paper bag packaging is easy to get wet, unlike the plastic bag, the outside is wet, and the contents are fine, the paper bag is much worse in terms of moisture prevention. The appearance of food oil-proof paper bags has completely changed this defect of paper bags. Since oil-proof coated paper bags can quickly replace plastic bags, it is not only because of their oil-proof performance, moreover, the food oil-proof paper bag has 80% of the performance of the plastic bag, and the food oil-proof paper bag has certain moisture-proof performance. Moisture resistance means that the plastic film in the inner layer of the food oil-proof paper bag can prevent water vapor from passing through the paper bag. When the thin film molecules do not contain hydrophilic hydroxyl and carboxyl groups, they are considered to have good moisture resistance. Moisture resistance varies greatly with temperature. The moisture resistance of the film is suitable for all meat packaging. If the moisture of the product is transmitted from the inside of the packaging film in the form of water vapor, or the product absorbs water vapor from the outside, the flavor, tissue and content of the product will also change. In particular, it is extremely important to package dry sausage with little water content and prevent natural loss of quantitative products.
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