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What are the comparative advantages of aluminum foil bags and ordinary plastic bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-08
Ordinary plastic bags and aluminum foil bags are our commonly used packaging products, and the breadth of use, cost and environmental performance are different, so where are the advantages of the two? Today, we will make a comparison for everyone to make you more focused in your choice. The difference is as follows: different plastic bags in the application range are more convenient to use and have a wider range, the application has spread to almost all walks of life, but because the white plastic pollution in our country is very serious, it is in the packaging of food, daily necessities and other substances, often plastic products have a certain toxic effect, so the role of aluminum foil packaging is highlighted, people can easily find its advantages in the use, bring effective protection, color retention, fragrance, in addition, it can also bring a very reliable effect in terms of quality. The cost difference between aluminum foil bags is higher, which is one of the reasons why plastic packaging is widely used. After measuring the cost performance of the two, it is often in the packaging of food, medicine and other types of products, aluminum foil products will still be used more, which is safe and reliable, vacuum compression can be realized, and the support brought in application comes from all aspects. The comparison of environmental protection performance products with environmental protection effects can often bring very reliable support and guarantee in the role. We cannot absolutely say that the plastic itself has a greater toxic effect, however, completely safe and non-toxic plastics often have a relatively high production cost. In the selection of plastic products, this aspect must be taken into account. In terms of environmental protection and cost performance, in some cases, aluminum foil bags seem to bring more protection. How to choose depends on the needs of users. Professional manufacturers have a wide range of packaging products, making your choice easier. The above points are a detailed analysis we have made for everyone. I believe that through our analysis, we will help you in your future choices!
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