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What are the different shapes of food packaging bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-23
Usually we can see all kinds of food packaging bags in supermarkets and snack shops. Today we will explain to you that different products should be packed in different shapes, the appropriate packaging bags can bring out high-quality objects. Let's analyze them one by one. What are the shapes of food packaging bags: three-sided sealing bags, middle sealing bags, three-sided sealing zipper bags, middle sealing organ bags, three-sided sealing standing bags, eight-sided sealing flat bottom bags, eight-sided sealing zipper flat bottom bags, automatic packaging roll film bags, different bag shapes are used to hold what kind of food, three-sided sealed bags are generally used to hold: mustard, dried bean curd, salt baked food, kimchi food, and sealed bags are generally used to hold: puffed food, French fries, potato chips, Zhongfeng organ bags are used to hold: of rice, tea, flour, noodles, coffee food standing zipper bags and eight-sided sealed bags are used to hold: dried fruits, nuts, dry food different foods need to be packaged in the corresponding shape of the package to package the perfect product, the above explanation should be helpful for everyone in the future choice.
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