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What are the labels of composite food packaging bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-01
There are many labels for food packaging bags, including men, graphics, symbols, marks and other labels. Through the label on the food packaging bag, consumers can know the basic information of several sources of food, attributes and nutritional content, safe eating period, etc. Food labeling is the quality assurance that food enterprises hand over to the society. Food packaging label, marking ten elements: i. Address and contact information II. Food production license mark and number III. Ingredient list IV. Food name V. Storage conditions VI. Production date and shelf life VII. Food nutrition label VIII. Product standard code nine, the name of the producer or distributor ten, net content and specifications through the ten elements of the label of the food packaging bag, we can understand the quality characteristics of the food and grasp the freshness of the food, it is helpful for consumers to choose according to the credibility of producers. Once there is a problem with food, they can find and contact the manufacturer in time. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the label: 1. Food name: when the food name is registered, sometimes you see TM, sometimes R, when the registered trademark has not yet become a registered trademark, mark the TM mark; Complete the R mark of the registered trademark. 2, ingredient list: the order of the ingredient list, generally the largest amount of raw materials in the first place, the least raw materials in the last place, if with brackets, the first amount of brackets is the largest. Food additives, we can focus on colorants, acidifiers, anticaking agents, preservatives, nutritional enhancers, leavening agents, whitening agents, sweeteners, etc. These food additives may be harmless to human body under normal intake; However, taking the same chemical too frequently may be harmful to health. There are too many food additives in our country, there are more than 20 kinds and nearly 1,000 kinds of food additives. Colored words such as 'amaranth, Carmine, erythrine' are generally pigments; Sweet words such as 'Abbas sweet, acesulfame' are generally sweeteners; The word 'glue' is added with thickener, gel and stabilizer. Sweetener, chewing gum is the most frequently used sweetener and aspartame is used. Amine nitrite is mainly used for pickling meat, such as ham sausage and canned luncheon meat, with a usage rate as high as 85%. 5- Taste nucleoside disodium and sodium glutamate are two flavoring agents that are often used in monosodium glutamate. Long-term large intake will lead to emotional abnormalities. 3. Net content and specifications: The net content usually indicates the weight of the food removed from the package, in grams, kilograms, or milliliters, liters. Specifications refer to the need to express the net content and the number of inclusions when the same package contains multiple small packaged foods. 4. Nutrition Label: What we need to know about nutrition label is nutrients and energy. In addition to oxygen, there are about 50 kinds of nutrients, which can be divided into protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and water. The conversion of energy units, energy, work and heat are all in Joule J. These are the labels of composite food packaging bags that deserve attention.
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