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What are The shift life of plastic package bag and material?


Regarding the shelf life of plastic packaging products, as we know, most food and other products cannot be completely separated from plastic packaging, because only the materials of plastic packaging bags can achieve the function of insurance. There is no substitute, of course, we are also committed to the possibility of other new materials;

In the selection of many product structures, many customers have no way of knowing what kind of structure of the packaging I need is more suitable for the product, so we often receive some questions?

What materials can be used for bread packaging?

What kind of structure is needed for oil liquid products?

What is the packaging material for potato chips?

What is the shelf life of the bag itself?

All these problems are actually closely related to our selection of materials. If you are a distributor, how to provide a more professional material structure to customers more professionally? The information and product prices are also closely related. Today we talk about some foods;

Usually, our food is stored in the following conditions:

1.-5.c-0.c under fresh-keeping conditions, usually vegetables/fruits/chocolate/bread, etc. should not be at room temperature for a long time, especially in summer;

2.15.c-30.c under the insurance conditions, usually exist in shopping malls or supermarkets, or snacks or dry goods liquids in the shop;

3.-1.c--20.c or even lower temperatures, usually some meat products, need to be frozen to ensure the freshness of the ingredients;

4.90.c-140.c is usually a product of cooking materials, which requires direct cooking or microwaves;


The material structure applicable to the first case is mainly based on a single layer of material:

1.-5.c-0.c under the fresh-keeping conditions, usually using materials made of OPP, CPP, PE, PP in the form of bags used to package 15.c-30.c under the insurance conditions, can achieve the quality The time is 7-10 days;

2.15.c-30.c under the insurance conditions, PET / CPP, OPP / PE, PET / VMPET / PE, OPP / CPP, NY / PE, etc. are usually used for snacks, dry goods, liquids, etc., the best shelf life is 3 -6 months, some foods can last up to 1 year, depending on the type of food, can be stored in the refrigerator;

3.-1.c--20.c or even lower temperatures, usually PET / CPP; PET / AL / CPE, NY / CPE, NY / AL / CPE and other materials with better barrier properties Used to package some meat products to achieve long-term storage of 10-18 months;

4.90.c-140.c are usually products of cooking materials, special materials, co-extruded materials;


But most of FastSincere’s customers are distributors, so how long is the shelf life of the plastic bags they sell? Usually, we promise that if there is a product quality problem during only a year(12 months for plastic package bag from Fast Sincere), we will bear the corresponding responsibility, but some products are placed in different places, and the temperature/humidity / light conditions have many effects.


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