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What is the difference between food-grade packaging bags and industrial-grade packaging bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-14
The main difference in the material composition of this bread bag like 85 C is the use of additives, and the main raw materials are the same. For example, bread bags are made of OPP, PO, PP, CPP, PE and other materials. If an opening agent is added to the materials, it cannot be used in food packaging; There is also the ink used for the image of the printed product, and there is no substance harmful to the human body. Simply put, without instrument testing, it is difficult to distinguish these, food-grade packaging is mainly the main materials and auxiliary materials used cannot contain substances that are harmful to the human body or the content is within the scope permitted by national standards. If there is no instrument testing, when we use food packaging, we smell odors, powders, impurities, etc. , which are basically not up to standard, that is, in the use of materials, banned substances or banned substances exceed the standard.
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