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What kind of soft packaging bag does frozen food need?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-19
The main classification of frozen food: With the improvement of people's living standards and the quickening pace of life, reducing kitchen work has become people's demand, while frozen food is favored by people for its convenience, rapidity, delicacy and variety. Frozen food, there are four main categories: 1, aquatic quick-frozen food such as fish and shrimp, crab stick and. 2, fruit and vegetable frozen food, such as bamboo shoots, edamame, etc. 3, livestock frozen food, such as pork, chicken, etc. 4, conditioning frozen foods, such as pasta dumplings, dumplings, buns, hot pot fish dumplings, fish balls, tribute balls, wrapped noodles fried chicken, squid, and dishes. There are so many kinds of frozen food! However, what makes the bosses of flexible packaging enterprises drool most is not food, but the huge amount of flexible packaging behind these foods! The safety and benefits of frozen food in packaging bags mainly depend on four aspects: for so many types of frozen food, the safety and benefits of frozen food mainly depend on four aspects: first, the raw materials of the processed food are fresh and of good quality; Second, the processing process is pollution-free; Third, the packaging is not good, the bag is contaminated; The fourth is the whole cold chain. Packaging is an important part of frozen food, which is related to food safety, corporate reputation and benefits. The new 'food safety law' has special provisions on food packaging safety. For example, in chapter 9, legal liability, article 112nd provides for penalties for violations of the provisions of the law until criminal responsibility is investigated according to law, among them are: production and operation of food contaminated by packaging materials, containers, means of transportation, etc; Food producers and operators purchase and use food raw materials, food additives and food-related products that do not meet food safety standards. In this regard, frozen food enterprises and packaging enterprises should learn and master well to ensure food safety. Therefore, the boss of the flexible packaging enterprise should pay attention to it. If the products of the food enterprise are not up to standard, it may have a responsibility of its own packaging factory! Frozen food packaging should pay attention to the consideration of the problem: for frozen food packaging should pay attention to the consideration of the problem, the giant packaging believes that there are seven aspects: a packaging standards and regulations. The second is the characteristics of frozen food and its protection conditions. Third, the performance and scope of application of packaging materials. Fourth, food market positioning and regional conditions for circulation. The fifth is the influence of the overall packaging structure and materials on frozen food. Sixth, reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design. Seven is the packaging test. The packaging of frozen food should meet the requirements of large circulation, from production, transportation to sales, to maintain the quality characteristics of frozen products and prevent the pollution of bacteria and harmful substances. Take quick-frozen dumplings as an example. Many consumers no longer buy some brands after one consumption, many of the reasons are that poor packaging materials cause quality problems such as water loss, oil oxidation and air drying, yellowing, cracking, hard skin and Ha-La flavor of dumplings. Flexible packaging factories must pay special attention to the production of food flexible packaging products, which is not only related to the food safety of the masses, but also related to whether you can get the approval of Customers and Enterprises! Customer corporate orders need to be maintained by the quality of corporate flexible packaging products! Frozen food packaging should have five characteristics: first, it should have high barrier property to prevent the product from contacting with oxygen and moisture volatilization. The second is impact resistance and puncture resistance. Third, low temperature resistance, packaging materials even in-It is not deformed or brittle at 45 °c. Fourth, oil resistance. Fifth, it is hygienic to prevent toxic and harmful substances from migrating and infiltrating into food. Soft bag enterprises must attach importance to materials, science and technology, product inspection and hygiene . . . . . . Plastic soft packaging used in the field of frozen food is mainly divided into two categories: one is composite packaging, which uses adhesives to bond two layers of plastic film together, however, adhesives mostly contain harmful substances such as esters and benzene, which can easily penetrate into food and cause pollution. One is the international advanced multi-layer coextrusion high barrier packaging. It is made of green and environmentally friendly packaging materials. It has five layers, seven layers and nine layers. It does not use adhesives but uses more than three extruders, the resin raw materials with different functions such as PA, PE, PP, PET, EVOH, etc. are melted and extruded together respectively, which have the characteristics of no pollution, high barrier, high strength, flexible structure, etc, it makes the production process of food packaging and packaging materials pollution-free. For example, the seven-layer co-extrusion high-barrier package consists of more than two layers of nylon, which greatly improves the tensile and tear strength of the package and can withstand- At low temperature of 45 ℃ and high temperature of 120 ℃, the vacuum degree can reach 100%, it is not easy to break and crack, high and low temperature resistance, storage and transportation resistance and easy storage, which can effectively avoid Oxidative deterioration and water loss of food and inhibit microbial reproduction, thereby extending the shelf life of frozen foods.
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