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What points should be paid attention to when designing food packaging bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2019-12-24
In the process of planning food packaging bags, many times due to small neglect, the food packaging bags that are finally made are not neat, such as cutting to pictures or words, and then perhaps the connection is not good, color cut is due to some planning errors in many cases. Food packaging bag manufacturers should pay attention to a few small common sense when confirming the food packaging bag planning manuscript to help you avoid small problems when customizing food packaging. Food packaging bag food color problem food packaging bag design color can not be required by the color of the paper printed by the screen or printer, the customer must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatography to determine the color. Packaging bag manufacturers remind that at the same time, there will be differences in the same color block due to the influence of materials, ink types, printing pressure and other factors used in CMYK chromatography produced by different manufacturers, therefore, the customer had better go to the food packaging bag manufacturer's site to confirm, so as to ensure that the color is the same as the customer's requirements. The color of each batch of bags will be different when printing. Due to the particularity of copperplate printing, the printing color is completed according to the manual color of the printing master, so the color will be different every time the printing is made, our required color can reach more than 90% is qualified, so customers can not make a return request because of the different colors. The color of the background color and the color of the text should not be too light. If the color of the text and the background color are very light colors, then the text will not be clear when printing, therefore, we must pay attention to this detail when designing. The difference between design and printing is too large to meet the customer's requirements. In order to avoid redo, wrangling and wasting time, problems should be avoided when designing. If you have any questions when designing food packaging bags, please come and consult us, creative Environmental protection plastic bag factory will serve you wholeheartedly.
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