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What problems should be paid attention to when designing small characters for packaging bags?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-27
Today, Xiaobian shares with you: What problems should we pay attention to when designing some small words for the packaging bag. If the ordinary bag printing process can not be 4 1' Small fonts below t have obvious effects, so they should be redesigned to above 4Pt to prevent the Yang characters from becoming thicker, the Yin characters from becoming thinner, or the death of the decoration during printing. The width of the independent thin line should not be too thin. Generally speaking, it should be greater than 0. 2 nun, can be used to identify small characters, false marks and other products of about 2pt. It can be used for some special prevention. The printing plate cylinder made of some aluminum foil bags with live parts has small white characters on a large area of solid color, which requires communication with customers. This indicates that the solid depth of intaglio engraving and the small white characters designed by intaglio engraving cannot be obtained at the same time. If the solid density is guaranteed, the white small print is definitely not smooth and does not look clear enough. On the other hand, small characters are clearly visible, and it is usually impossible to ensure that the gravure overprinting accuracy with sufficient depth in the field can only reach 0. 2 mm and 0. 4 mm characters and graphics (Especially characters) Multi-Color superposition can not be used for brushing, only a single ink can be used for printing, otherwise it is easy to cause ghosting. When printing, color overlay and hollowing out, small characters and patterns should be hollowed out in monochrome. Vacuum bags should not be hollowed out directly with the background color of the photo. Therefore, strokes are not suitable for using many small characters and patterns, nor are they suitable for hollowing out and overprinting characters and patterns.
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