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What should be paid attention to in the customization of Heat Shrinkable film production?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-02-07
We know that Heat Shrinkable film is divided into PVC Heat Shrinkable film, PET Heat Shrinkable film, POF Heat Shrinkable film, PE Heat Shrinkable film, OPS Heat Shrinkable film, etc. So what items need to be packaged are made of PVC Heat Shrinkable film or PET Heat Shrinkable film and POF Heat Shrinkable film? Or is it packed with PE Heat Shrinkable film? Is it packed with aluminum foil, nylon or kraft paper? Is it a nozzle bag or a self-supporting zipper bag or a bag type? First, determine the contents (Packaged items) The above problems are inseparable from the packaged object, we call it the content. The contents are divided into solid, particulate, powder, adhesive, liquid and erosive according to their body shape. According to the packaging standard, they are divided into different specifications of daily necessities, medicines and foods. According to the characteristics of the contents to be packaged, determine the material used for the content packaging bag, which requires a good understanding of the characteristics of each Heat Shrinkable film material, the contents of liquid, food and medicine are generally made of aluminum foil, Kraft paper composite PE or CPP composite film. What kind of material is used in the surface, middle layer and inner layer of the bag, you can go to 'what are the surface materials of the composite membrane', 'What are the intermediate layer materials of the composite membrane' and 'What are the inner layer materials of the composite membrane' for detailed understanding. The material of the packaging film can be determined by determining the contents. Second, determine the bag type of the Heat Shrinkable film packaging bag after determining the packaging film, determine the bag type of the packaging bag according to the contents, which are folding tape, middle sealing bag, organ bag, stand-up bag, shaped bag, zipper bag, etc, if it is a stand-up bag, determine the size of the bottom of the stand-up bag. Zipper bag bags of various sizes, some bags in addition to the dimensions, as well as venting holes, aircraft holes and so on. These can be reflected in the design drawings of product packaging bags. In addition, there are colors printed on the packaging bag. At present, the printing press can print up to 12 colors. The problem of how to print each color is not explored here.
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