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Why do aluminum foil bags need to be printed again?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-28
Xiaobian believes that some people know about aluminum foil bags, according to printing, aluminum foil bags are divided into color printing aluminum foil bags and non-printing aluminum foil bags? Every time the customer consults the customer service, the aluminum foil packaging bag will also ask the customer if it needs to be printed like this. For the first time to do aluminum foil bag products, customers will definitely ask, why should the aluminum foil bag be printed again? How to charge for aluminum foil bag printing? How many colors can be printed and so on? Non-printed aluminum foil bags are usually called Universal aluminum foil bags in the industry. Because there is no logo printing, they can be used by any manufacturer. The product information is reflected by the certificate of approval, self-adhesive, etc, the cost of universal aluminum foil bags is generally lower than that of color printing aluminum foil bags. The color printing aluminum foil bag is generally said to be customized according to customer requirements, which generally prints customer company LOGO, product information, factory address, contact phone number, product composition and other related information. Therefore, these must be customized according to customer requirements, and the order is generally based on customer requirements, regardless of package size, package thickness, package printing, bag type, etc. are customized according to customer requirements, therefore, it will not be available for sale.
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