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Why do other people's food sell so well?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-04-01
Excellent packaging design can greatly increase the sales volume of packaged products. For the food and beverage industry, good packaging can arouse customers' purchasing desire and appetite. Products with good packaging have a larger market. The double compartment packaging bag of foreign KOOEE snacks has stimulated consumers' purchasing desire with its unique 'packaging power. If domestic flexible packaging enterprises provide packaging design for customers, will business be better? Packaging can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Snack manufacturers complain to the boss of flexible packaging enterprises: 'There is no way to increase orders! No one buys the product! It's not easy! 'Soft packaging business owner:' Although the order is very uncomfortable, but your product is not bought to blame me! 'Now is the season of' Golden nine silver ten ', but for many enterprises, this good season has not brought them more business, after all, the overall economic situation is there, this is something that can't be done. However, some smart manufacturers took advantage of this opportunity to expand the market and increase the market share through some 'small means', such as snack manufacturers-- Anyway, everyone has no holiday with snacks, and the food should still be eaten! They stimulate consumers' purchasing desire through unique packaging to further occupy the snack market. KOOEE snack packaging products are full of creativity, 'two' to 'one', a snack called KOOEE uses double compartment bags to attract consumers. This double compartment bag can accommodate two products with all natural ingredients. Because of the seamless sealing, it can not only ensure the harmonious separation of the two products, but also ensure the absolute preservation of the products. Packaging bag, the president and founder of this snack company, said: 'The uniqueness of double pouch packaging is the inevitable trend of future development. He also said: 'Because the built-in products have their own inherent moisture activity values (Moisture) If the two products are stored in the same packaging bag, the products with high moisture active ingredients may be affected by low moisture active products, the double package design ensures that the moisture of the built-in nuts is in equilibrium. The design of the double package is because we don't want to simply create two separate bags, which is an unsatisfactory consumer experience for consumers, so we envisioned a seamless way to solve these two problems. ', The packaging solution is currently applying for RIP>PEEL> The patent of MIX packaging bag, this unique patent design helps consumers to carry out the process of orderly tearing, packing and mixing ingredients. Flexible packaging enterprises can develop the packaging design market. It is understood that many snack production enterprises in China do not attach importance to packaging design. After all, packaging, design, waste that money? Moreover, even if there are snack companies that attach importance to packaging design, they may give up further optimization of packaging because there is no more reliable way. This may be a big business opportunity for flexible packaging enterprises! As snack makers complain, even if they offer the same or better products, they still can't sell other competitors. Why? The packing is not good! Consumers are picky. Besides brands, 'face' is also their choice standard. The degree of consumers 'looking at their faces' cannot be overstated in terms of buying and returning pearls, which is a naked and bloody reality for producers. Food is bound to make great efforts in packaging in the future, and packaging design will also have a large market in the future. For flexible packaging enterprises, this is a very big opportunity. Flexible packaging enterprises that can provide excellent packaging design schemes will also have more stable order sources and more stable customers in the future. If there is another snack factory complaining to the boss of the flexible packaging enterprise, the boss should pat the other party on the shoulder and say, 'it's okay, I'll help you solve it! '
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