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Why should coffee bean packaging bags be packed with one-way exhaust valves?

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-03-31
The living standards of modern young people are constantly improving. In recent years, coffee has become a favorite drink for young people. When you are sleepy at work, you can have a cup of coffee. When you stay up late at night, you can have a cup of coffee, so how are these coffee packages made and why are coffee bags different from other product bags? Today, the manufacturer of coffee bean bags will tell you the reason. Why is the coffee bean bag easy to flatulence because the coffee beans naturally produce carbon dioxide after baking, direct packaging is easy to cause damage to the package, and long-term contact with air will cause aroma loss and lead to oxidation of oil and aromatic components in coffee, resulting in quality degradation. Therefore, the packaging materials of coffee beans are even more important. Why do you want to add an exhaust valve to the coffee bean bag? There is an exhaust valve on the coffee bean bag. This exhaust valve is called a one-way exhaust valve. The purpose of this exhaust valve is to let the air only go out and not enter, since the coffee beans will produce carbon dioxide after baking, the sealed packaging bag will flatulence and affect the quality of the coffee beans. Therefore, a one-way exhaust valve must be added. Such a packaging bag is called: one-way exhaust valve coffee packaging bag. From the above two points, it can be seen that the coffee bean bag must be a one-way exhaust valve coffee bag. Is your coffee bean bag correct?
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