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Wide application of oil-proof paper bags

by:FAST SINCERE     2020-01-04
Scope of application of oil-proof paper bags: 1) Chemical: desiccant packaging, camphor ball, washing powder, preservative. 2) Food: Noodle strapping, ice cream packaging, milk powder packaging, tea packaging, melon bags, bread bags, hamburger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee packaging bags. 3) Wood products: tongue depressor packaging, ice, Spoon packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton swabs. 4) Paper: copper paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper (Neutral paper). 5) Life Category: wet towel bag, salt packaging, paper cup paper. 6) Drug Packaging: Medical equipment packaging, traditional Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary drug packaging. 7) Other categories: test paper, aviation bag, seed bag paper, bearing packaging, stainless steel material packaging, silicon-coated adhesive paper, Kraft paper tape, women's products, anti-rust oil for anti-rust packaging, disposable travel supplies. How can I get a suitable oil-proof paper bag? According to the analysis of the public, some merchants will think that the oil-proof paper bag is harder in the whole process of use, because it should be able to insulate the food and be convenient to carry. This idea is not unreasonable, the oilproof paper bag has a different material that is harder and better, and the right side is the most effective. First of all, the size of the product should be determined by the size of the single-layer film before the oil-proof paper bag is compounded, and the size is controlled in a reasonable area. Second, blocking and size are one-to-one correspondence, and the same size also has a corresponding effect on blocking. The oil-proof paper bag of the blocking line, the material is hard and natural, it is suitable, but the size of the size is consistent, it may not be good, and the result of heat insulation can be obtained when they are neutralized. The third, the same food bag, the size is more, the temperature of the heat is more. According to the analysis of the public, usually the oil-proof paper bags are fixed in size. This kind of important is for heat insulation, but there are different materials that are harder. On the one hand, the thicker the oil-proof paper bag material is also very expensive, on the other hand, merchants are uncomfortable to use, inconvenient to bring with them, and may be subject to certain costs. Fourth, for the business, if the quality of the oil-proof paper bag printing effect can be more correct.
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